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Guild D~T, Dedicated Travellers

Welcome to our guild site!  D~T is an all-class guild for World's End, with a bias towards mages, musos and druids, who are the only classes who can hold executive titles.  All others will be welcomed as 'Dedicated Travellers'.  Drows are currently under consideration for executive positions.
Here is where the character bios will be posted.  The funnier, the better.  This guild is for fun, for the players who have been faithful to World's End, and for those who wish to be converted.  However, once a member, snert-killing or snert-negotiating duties will be expected.
News: Any hand-class characters created in previous versions of WE that posess magical powers no longer allowed to their class in current WE versions will be considered unique, and will receive the title of 'Elite Guardian', instead of just plain old 'Dedicated Traveller'.

Member Bios:
Maeve (Druid in Charge, Kid, Circle Master): Maeve was born a man in Cityport and earned bank notes as a cross-dresser doing 'favours' for sailors.  Later, she found religion and studied Druidism with an ex-Samurai-turned-tree hugger recovering from Peyote addiction in the Western Ranges.  Ever since becoming a Circle Master, she has had the questing itch.  Her favorite pet is a lvl 99 undead harpie named Donovan.
Blaine (Good-Will Ambassador, Virtuoso): Blaine was born in Sunnyville and showed an early talent for music, especially banging on the pots and pans.  The fact that her parents were found dead from an unexplained source is still a mystery....Blaine swears it was a musical accident.  After this sad period of time, Blaine joined a Tangerine Dream cover band and performed on the skin flute throughout The Big Smoke.  She got a fever for the big city and decided to buy a psychedelic shirt, a cool hat, and go adventuring.  Her favorite pet is a lvl 99 skwee named Blaine Jr. that she liberated from Seaworld.
Gwynfyd (Minister of Forestry, Circle Master): Gwynfyd was abandoned as a lad in Westwych by his shrooming parents, who believed him to be a monster, and so he learned to fend for himself and mastered the powers of nature.  With nothing but hags to date as a teen, Gwynfyd became something of a loner, and to this day remains reclusive, and lacks basic social skills.  His Druidic talents came by him naturally, from conversing with animals and trees for most of his adult life.  Go figure.  Tired of shrooming, he left Westwych to see the world.  His favorite pet is a lvl 99 spectral hound named Lucan.
Ariadne (Head Cheerleader, Wizard):  Ariadne was born in Shiverton, the offspring of a local woman and a travelling elf salesman hawking manna fruit, snake oil, and much much more...after the elf went his merry way, mom moved Ariadne to The Big Smoke.  Ariadne spent her youth hanging out near South St., and hooked up with Abramelin, handsome leader of the "South St. Mage Pimps" gang.  Her sis-boom-ba naievete softened his heart, and rather than pimp her out, he got her a legitimate job dancing in the fetish show at the Underworld Club.  He also taught her the ways of the staff, and some magic too.  Her favorite pet is a big ole cuddly abominable snowman that she tamed near her home town.
Svartelfheim (Dedicated Traveller, Witch King): Early in his life, Svartelfheim was banished from Groves Elementary Elf School for a 'bad attitude' and his parents moved him to Westwych, to be home-schooled by witches.  He found quick access to the Crag, and spent many happy hours teasing the orcs, and looking for gold.  He spent much time collecting kindling and orc-gut, and fashioned increasingly impressive bows for his play, becoming a master archer by his teens.  Later he studied sword from a travelling samurai.  He became a traveller in the hopes of one day exacting revenge on those poncy elves in the groves who tortured him so in his youth.  His favorite pet is a lvl 96 zombie named Woods, currently in training to kill elves on sight.
Agrias (General PK, Circle Master): Agrias was whelped in the crag, the product of an unholy alliance between an orc cheiftan and a psychopathic drow. Rejected by both orcs and drows as a youngster, Agrias developed a deep hatred for all living things. She retreated to the Foothills and hatched a plan: I hate all living things, therefore, becoming a Druid would be my best disguise, those nature-loving FREAKS will never see what's coming! So after a long evil laugh, she decided to do it. Agrias's likes include nothing, and dislikes include being ticked off in any way. Beware this one, travellers...her favorite pet is anything that bites hard.
Haystack Jones (Dedicated Traveller, Grand Master Archer): Haystack Jones was born, if you can actually call it that, just outside of MacDonald's Farm in the South Downs.  Haystack began life as, you guessed it, a haystack, and became a dumping ground for MacDonald's garbage and food waste.  Then one day a strange thing happened....the genetically altered food from MacDonald's began to mutate....Haystack came to life and he was angry!  Very angry!  As he was indeed full of needles, archery came naturally to him.  He spent his time pegging off rats, horses, and anyone who dared order a MacRib.  The bodies piled up, and Haystack was pursued by the local police.  Fearing life in prison, he got outta Dodge and became an adventurer.
Miamoto Musashi (Dedicated Traveller, Shogun): Musashi awoke from what seemed like a long sleep and found himself staring at a rude sandwich-eating imp.   "The last thing I remember, I was defending my family against fierce brigands, and now this imp eats a sandwich and insults my honour?  Without my protection, my family must surely be...dead...."  With a heavy heart Musashi jumped into a well and landed on World's End.  With no more family and no master, Musashi traded in his self-autographed first edition copy of 'The Book of Five Rings' for a Traveller's Guide, and became a ronin.  He wanders World's End now, protecting the worthy, searching for the brigands who killed his family, and keeping his swords very sharp indeed.
Robert Blake (Dedicated Traveller, Duelist): After making bail for killing his wife, Robert Blake's lawyers decided he needed a permanent vacation, away from the prying eyes of the press.  Blake packed up his gun collection and settled in the Eastern Islands.  He spends most of his time just shooting stuff, and drinking margaritas by the pool.  Years of working with a cockatoo on 'Beretta' has left Blake with a disdain for pets, especially those that fly.
Haanz (Dedicated Traveller, Grand Master Archer): Haanz was born in North Woodford to a royal family of rangers.  He spent his youth hunting foxes for fun, and deer for the family table.  Back in those days, there was no such thing as high-protein diets, the people just knew that meat was good for you.  Then, the 'outsiders' moved in.... A new distraction, The Shed, was opened up...The sugary treats and fatty frozen snacks were irresistable for a young ranger unfamiliar with these treasures!  Haanz began to lose his edge! Haanz's family were upset but understanding...."Lad, go out, seek your fortune, and start eating meat again" they said.   Haanz set out to explore World's End, eat lots of brown bear, and quest to his heart's delight.
Alphasan (Elite Guardian, Witch King): Alphasan was raised by Elven royalty at Court.  As a lad, he felt somehow 'different' from the other elves, and spent much time wearing black and brooding a lot.  He went through the usual royal training of bow and sword at court, but snuck out of the palace frequently to visit an ancient mage, who taught him magic generally forbidden to Elves.  This made Alphasan a true powerhouse, and gave him the urge to go adventuring.  While searching for clean underwear to pack for his journey, Alphasan came across some papers his parents had tried to conceal....he was adopted!  And worse, he was a Drow, not a true Elf!  Dismayed, he took his inheritance of 38 bank notes and left the groves to 'find himself'.  He occasionally returns to The Groves to buy manna fruit and check out the Elf babes at court from afar...  His favorite pet is a level 99 evil eye that was given to him by his mage teacher.
Pru (Dedicated Traveller, Iconoclast): Growing up a pretty girl in The Big Smoke's north end wasn't easy for Pru.  She learned quickly how to fend off roving gangs of skinheads and outlaws with anything, absolutely anything at hand.  In her teens, she befriended a handsome young mage, who won her favour, and taught her some basic magic in return.  As an adult, she grew tired of the big city, and decided to travel.  With chainsaw in hand, and faithful level 99 hell hound by her side, she ventured out into the great unknown, and never looked back.
Drucille (Dedicated Traveller, Witch Queen): Drucille's life began as a terrible Dark Elf teen's fantasy of creating a 'Drowerpuff Girl' by experimenting on the family cat.  He injected her with a mixture of his own blood, and a healthy dose of Chemical X.  When, soon after the injection, she began walking upright and looking hot and powerful, he was pleased....what he did not anticipate was the incredibly anti-social attitude natural to Drows, and inherent in his blood.  Now strong and angry, and with opossable thumbs, Drucille trounced the troubled teen and escaped to the Crag, where she hunted orcs and became skilled in bow, sword, and general nastiness.  Now she roams World's End flaunting her bravery rating, and regularily pounces on foes and friends alike.

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